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少妇白洁有声小说Hello Friends, Business Associates, and Alumni:

Dominick here! I am writing to introduce our Virtual University and e-training campus. Building Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering Professionals can now have a secure access to premier technology training and career related resources. Stable employment and Career advancement in these difficult times are everyone's concern.

少妇白洁有声小说Improving one's technical ability, career standing, and confidence are now a simple mouse-click away. We bring to you over 48-years of practical and consulting experience working with Mission Critical Facility environments and Staff. We have acquired an acute sensitivity for the demands of Business Continuity, within these often delicate environments.

Only a focus on quality Technical Expertise, Continuing Education, and total Staff Competency can produce resourceful facility operations and maintenance results. In alignment with those needs, we have partnered with global educational organizations, industry experts, and manufacturers reps who are assisting us in populating our on-line curriculum and providing mentored training opportunities.

We already have in-place many of the technical and skill resources that must be mastered in order to succeed within the technology-driven workplace of today. Users of our Virtual Campus environment utilize our LMS (Learning Management System) to efficiently manage training course selections and progress. Not only is interactive e-learning convenient and inexpensive, it is highly effective because it educates within a comfortable setting without outside intimidation. Yes, one-stop simplicity! Let us deliver the technical knowledge and skill enhancements that a successful career demands.

Right Now: You may select from over 500 Technology and Skill courses that are presented in 9-different categories (Links are included below). Courses can be selected and completed within our secure and structured educational environment, 24/7/365. That's right! Advance at your own pace, your own schedule, and all on-line. No more wasteful travel time, lost earning opportunities, or wasted fuel expenses. We fully appreciate your needs. Remember, you will never be alone during your journey.

With so many technology and opportunity choices, participants are encouraged to take advantage of our career assessment process. We call it our "EAP" program, also known as you're personal "Education Action Plan". Professional career support is available relating to suggested course selection priorities, your career-track choices, job-site or regulatory mandates, mission-critical technical competency, or to help establish your short-term / long-term career goals.

Keep in mind that our goals are frequently the same as those of our clients: We know when to provide assistance, when to provide guidance, and when to allow space for self-guidance. Every step of the way we will make sure that you are on course to become the ultimate Apprentice, Trainee, Technician, HVAC Mechanic, Operating-Stationary-Data Center Engineer, or Director of Facilities and Operations.

Curriculum additions will always include continuing educational opportunities for a varied level of skills. No matter what your chosen area of specialization within the Building Operations, Maintenance, and Mission Critical Engineering areas, we will provide exactly what you need to succeed.

Dom Aricchi, BOME Professionals LLC
Director of Education At: PASSdom@aol.com

Virtual University Access

Getting Started:

. Select one of the categories below to review the Curriculum Listings and Course Descriptions. Some course listings have demo segment capability.

. The CE areas include Certified Educational Credits for various licensed persons in many different States (This List of States is continually being expanded).

. Professional IACET Educational Units are available for advanced curriculum.

. When you click on a specific Course Title, a descriptive outline of the Course will appear in a new window for your evaluation.

. Select courses that are appropriate to your personal interests, current job needs, long-term goals, or your technical / skill levels.

. Take note of the different category Course numbering and grouping of Courses.

. Completing courses in the sequence that they are listed is highly recommended and educationally appropriate.

. All Courses may be selected and activated immediately via the e-commerce shopping cart system within our totally secure https environment

. Once courses have been added to your active course inventory, you will retain continual access to your selections for a period of one full year (1-year).

. Quizzes and Testing questions are imbedded within each course at appropriate intervals and referencing important academic/technical concepts.

. Incorrect quiz answers initiate an automatic review process that forces a review of the appropriate material followed by a return to the same question.

. Relax: The Learning Management System will track your progress and scores.

. Certificates and/or Certification content transcripts will be sent automatically upon satisfactory course completion.

. On Certification and CEU Credit Courses, you are forced to fulfill the designated time and/or CEU credit requirements.

. Remember: Our Learning Management System is there 24/7/365. It will track all your Course Registrations, Completions, Certificates, or CEU's. A full transcript of your course completions begins with your initial registration.

. When working on multiple courses at the same time, the LMS will even bookmark the chapter and slide number that you previously left off at.

. When you are ready to get your EAP, Education Action Plan activated, just send an e-mail to (PASSdom@aol.com). Let the "EAP" process work for you.

As many of you are aware, this has been an on-going project with lots of speed bumps over a very long time. Many have asked why our various web-sites have remained unchanged for such a long time. Now you can understand why. Keep a Heads-up for changes as well as some new resource sites. Virtual University Access


Coming Soon To a Computer Near You:

We are hyper-vigilant about the continual expansion of our curriculum, resources, and live training opportunities. Experience has taught all of us to remain respectful of the critical need to keep pace with technological innovations, industry best practices, and operational enhancements. It is vital that timely learning opportunities are made available to everyone, at every level. Effective Education and Training is a never-ending process. From a job security risk perspective, "catching-up" with Technology can become very difficult if not impossible. Continual Professional Development is a must. When one ignores skill enhancements, they have lost the survival race

More Opportunities That Are Pending Right Now!

. Critical Systems Engineer Training Webinars and Certification Examinations.
. Mission Critical Business Continuity, Data-Center Risk Assessment on-Line.
. EPA-608 Universal, EPA-609, and R-410A / R-7017c Refrigerant Handlers CFC Certification Preparation On-line at our Virtual University.
. Boiler Operator/Stationary Engineer Licensing Courses and Practice Exams.
. HVAC and Refrigeration Engineer Licensing & Certification opportunities.
. Green Awareness Training On-line and Proctored Certification Examination.
. IAQ, Indoor Air Quality Certification On-line for Facility and Stationary Engineers.
. Critical Systems Engineer On-Line Training and Certification Opportunities.
. Mission Critical Data-Center Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering: Expect On-Line Education and Certification Opportunities.
. Priority Registration for Live Training Meetings, On-Line Webinars, BOME Courses, and Training from OEM Manufacturers / Distributors / Reps.

As you may be aware, this Virtual Campus development has been an on-going project for a very long time. Your satisfaction and feedback are extremely important to us. We encourage you to share your comments or needs by writing directly to Dom at the e-mail address shown below.

Thank You: Help-Us, Help-You!

Dom Aricchi, BOME Professionals LLC
Director of Education: PASSdom@aol.com, Dominick.Aricchi@Stillwell-Hansen.com


Technical, Industrial & Safety Skills

OT Skills


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*EPA Title IV, Section 608 & 609 CFC Refrigerant Certification Training and Examinations:

*Safety Certification for Refrigerants HFC-410a & 407c

* Training/Exams Available on a regular basis.

www.iPASSedit.com to view scheduled programs, resources and registration details.

Or Contact Dom Aricchi, Director of Education
973-752-5533 Direct Cell or PASSdom@aol.com
Or Dominick.Aricchi@Stillwell-Hansen.com






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