Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween! Don't Be Afraid, Find Your Gold Treasure!

Since Pirates of the Caribbean, a popular element of pop culture nowadays is that of pirates and treasures of gold. As interesting as all of the fiction might be, sometimes the reality is even more so, and also more sinister. Sometimes you never know what you are going to find. Jewelry, electronic devices, and even bars of gold!

Have a Happy Halloween and find the Gold at Gems N' Loans!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Wishing You All a Happy 4th of July!

Many people spend Independence Day watching fireworks and lighting up some sparklers. Some people do not know that there are actually many metals in those fireworks and sparklers, and are mined before they become explosions of color. They include: Mineral elements, like gold, titanium, zirconium, magnesium, strontium, copper, and barium, which produce the beautiful colors we see.

For over 25 years Gems N' Loans has been lighting up your eyes with shiny diamonds and gold. For this reason, we want to thank all of our customers through the years and wish them all a Happy 4th of July!

Warmest regards,

Gems N' Loans

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Jewelers in Oceanside Offer 50% OFF Rubies

Rubies are a valuable addition to the gemstone industry. For centuries, rubies have been at the forefront of luxury and high end. To know what sets this stone apart from other prized gemstones is its inherent beauty. However, there's more to rubies than just a beautiful face. The Ruby is July's birthstone. 

Gems N' Loans Oceanside not only offer custom jewelry design and top dollar when buy and selling, the change their stone of the month sale regular. Just happens that this month it is Ruby gems for fifty percent OFF.

A little trivia, Rubies symbolize power and protection. For example, when worn as a talisman, rubies are believed to help protect warriors in battle. This is probably why Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, wore ruby slippers to protect her from evil. 

Always remember that high-quality rubies that weigh over 10 carats can sell for much more than a similar sized diamond. They have been know to earn prices upwards of $225,000 per carat. Comparably sized diamonds average a sales price around $125,000 per carat. Rubies of this size are significantly more rare than larger sized diamonds, which explains the difference in price.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

How to Buy Gold and Silver in Oceanside

When buying gold and silver in Oceanside, there are certain facile to consider. Often the question is raised on what are the best precious metals to buy. Our answer is that it depends on the individual preferences and needs of the customer.

The two most common places where you can purchase precious metals are from an online dealers or a local coin and pawn shops. Local pawnbrokers like Gems N' Loans have been around almost as long as money has. They evolved from collateral lending establishments offering buying and selling. 

Among the major decisions that a person will encounter during the initial investment process is whether to purchase actual physical metals versus “paper” metal, but before they can make this decision, it is important to understand what these terms mean and how each one operates. 

In principal, making a purchase from these establishments is trust worthy. You browse their selection until you find some merchandise that appeals to you and then you pay for your purchase. However, there are significant differences between the practices of these stores that can greatly affect both the shopping and the overall customer experience.

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Payday Loans Verses Collateral Loans Oceanside

Payday loans are short term, usually a couple of weeks. Most often available through payday lenders operating out of storefronts, as well as online. They are convenient for people who need fast cash. The expedience of this type of borrowing can be completed in a matter of minutes. However, these lenders will verify your income and a bank checking account to determine your ability to repay. By obtaining your banks routing and account number, they are able to simply deduct the money from your account at the final of the terms. This has been known to put people who are unable to pay on time in the rears.

An alternative would be a collateral loan form a pawnbroker. Unlike the latter, a pawn advance can be a quick way to borrow money since it doesn’t involve a credit check or application process. Your cash in hand is based on the value of the item you pawn. For example, if you own a brand guitar, you may bring it to a pawn shop so that a pawn broker can figure out its value, therefore giving you a loan for the amount of the appraised value of the guitar.

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Friday, March 29, 2019

How Do Gold And Silver Rate in Oceanside

http://gemsnloans.com/ Relatively speaking, gold is a safe asset which traditionally does well in times of political uncertainty, and remains a valuable potential investment. However, gold prices have largely struggled recently as the market has had to readjust its expectations of Federal Reserve policies and. According to a J.P. Morgan Research team, the Fed hiked its benchmark interest rate inevitably, including the anticipation for economic growth this year and next. Many could for see the central bank raising the fed funds rate to a range between 2% and 2.25%.

Gold can be sensitive to higher interest rates due to a rise in rates that tend to boost the dollars value, therefore, making gold more expensive for buyers with other currencies. However, higher rates also lift U.S. bond yields, discouraging the attraction of non-yielding gold. The dollar had a rough 2017, falling almost 10% against a myriad of major currencies. For this reason, many analysts have predicted a continued decline for the dollar.

In times of uncertainty, Gems N' Loans in Oceanside, has been offering fair trade value on sales of gold bars and silver coins. These precious metals are the perfect asset during times of economic crisis or potential crash. Never hesitate to start or expand on your financial portfolio.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Payday Loans Don't Grow on Trees

When people refer to money growing on trees, it means that money is something that must be earned and that it is not easy to acquire, even through a payday advance. Why? Well, for starters these types of loans are available if you have bad credit and an emergency expense is presented to you.These could be viable short term solutions for financial problems. However, you end up repaying a percentage of the loan each month, while interest accrues according to an annual percentage rate. With credit cards, this APR is typically under 20 percent. A payday loan, on the other hand, comes with interest that averages to 300% when calculated as APR.

Another safer alternative theta is realistic and won't create a revolving door of debt is a pawnshop. These types of collateral loans can appeal to consumers who can’t qualify for a conventional loans also. They may cost less than the penalty for being late with other types of loan terms. There isn't any legal requirement to repay, therefore, your credit scores won’t suffer if you don’t repay the loan, and you only risk losing the article of value you exchanged as collateral.

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